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An Iowa Dad ...

I thought because the blog is new, I would give you all a little insight on how An Iowa Family even came about. When An Iowa Mom and An Iowa Dad fell in love and knew they could not live without one another. The moment they knew they'd spend the rest of their days as one.

January 18, 1997 - Indianapolis, Indiana - An Iowa Mom woke up to her phone ringing. It was a friend, who we'll refer to as "Party Boy", explaining he had a migraine headache (aka a bad hangover) and wouldn't be meeting his Chicago-based friend in West Lafayette, Indiana for the annual Purdue vs. Indiana basketball game, that the two of them always attended. More curious than interested, An Iowa Mom asked if his friend was upset or disappointed that their weekend wouldn't pan out as planned. Party Boy replied, "I don't know, I tried calling him to let him know I wouldn't be making it, but he must have already left."

"Who else is going?" I ask, more intrigued than I should have been.

"No one," he replies nonchalantly "Just me."

Being a woman, An Iowa Mom was shocked and instantly worried about this "friend" that would be arriving in a city 3 hours from his home, only to find he would be alone, ticketless, and wondering what in the hell happened to Party Boy. She could not knowingly let this happen. Informing Party Boy that she would pick him up and drive him to the place he attended college, Purdue University. They would meet his friend there, as to not leave him hanging. She then hung up the phone and packed a few things.

As An Iowa Mom drove, and Party Boy slept, she wondered what the hell she was getting herself into. She knew now, that she herself was going to be stuck there all weekend, possible having to share a hotel room with Party Boy and some guy she didn't even know. She didn't even have a ticket to the stinking game they would be going to. Being somewhat adventurous, but not down right stupid, she panicked. Oh well, she thought, nothing a few beers can't fix.

Arriving at Harry's Chocolate Shop, the bar which would be their meeting place, Party Boy reluctant to get out of the car, insisting he is too ill to walk. Being the middle of January, An Iowa Mom refused to sit in the vehicle, though was somewhat reluctant to enter a bar at noon to meet some guy that had no idea she was coming.

Entering the establishment, she scanned the room, having no idea at all who she was looking for. Somewhat relieved there were only 3 patrons, she was confident she could narrow it down to Party Boy's friend, judging them by looks alone. The first gentleman was sporting a flat top, wearing a leather jacket, reading a newspaper while sipping a beer ... looking somewhat serial killer-ish, she felt confident ruling him out. The other guy had a pencil protector stuffed into his shirt pocket, intently reading a text book. VERY confident that was not Party Boy's chum, her eyes rolled to the last of the 3 customers ... a woman! As An Iowa Mom was processing that she would be spending the weekend with either a geek or an ax murderer, Party Boy surfaced from the frigid outdoors ... calling to his friend. The slay master responded to his callings ... An Iowa Mom felt all the blood drain from her face. She would have to make the best of it ... how bad could it be? Hopefully he'd make it quick, knock her off with a single bullet, maybe a few quick stabbings while she slept ...

Just a few minutes later, as the 3 of them began eating the lunch they'd ordered, the serial killer looked at An Iowa Mom, "Excuse me!", he said, gesturing to his own face to the right of his nose, "You have a piece of hamburger on your face!".

More humiliated that one could imagine, An Iowa Mom realized he was referring to the mole (or beauty mark as some people like to call it) she had on her face. She was more self conscious about that mole than than anything else on her imperfect body ... not knowing whether to crawl under the table from total embarrassment or to smack him upside the head from sheer anger ... she just managed a smile.

Love At First (and wouldn't be the last) Smart Ass Wise Crack?? Yeah ... whatever ... the BIG JERK!

And I introduce to you ... An Iowa Dad ...


As an American citizen I thank you, Eric M. Steffeney, for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt.