Friday, September 8

Reminder ... Switched To Typepad

Just a quick reminder for those of you who have An Iowa Mom added to their feeds ... please change your feed to be updated when is updated. I will no longer be updating Blogger.

Also, those of you who have me added to their Blog Rolls ... please change the URL to

Thanks so much! See ya over there! :)

Friday, September 1

Good Bye Blogger ... Hello Typepad

If you've found this blog, and wondering why it hasn't been updated ... it's because I've moved!! You can now find the An Iowa Mom's Blog here.

If you are arriving here because of a feed you subscribe to ... please make sure to change the address, as I wouldn't want you to think I just disappeared off the face of the earth ... though some days (today being one of them) I wish I could!

Please come on over and visit me!


As an American citizen I thank you, Eric M. Steffeney, for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt.