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Pat Him On The Back and Call Him A Hero!

Wow ... do I ever need to talk up my wonderful husband! The last two days, AnIowaDad's been the BEST there is. I'm not kidding! And it's not very often I'll admit that.

Sunday morning I awoke to a queasy sensation in my belly. After wondering if it could be caused by one too many Miller High Lifes the night before, I ruled it out and came to the conclusion that I was actually ill. I loathe being sick. It is right up there on my list with pickles and uninvited guests. Regardless, I surrendered to it and went back to bed, feeling sorry for myself.

Now, there is something you should know, on one day of the weekend, we set aside a "shopping" day where we all go together, around 9am, as a family (yes, all 6 of us). We browse for things we'd like someday, look for something we need, go out for lunch (even though I'm an FFA) and then we do grocery shopping before returning home. Well, Sunday was that day, and there was no way I was going without vomiting all over the Suburban. I wondered how I would break this to AnIowaDad, as he was already up and getting ready for the outing.

He came in, looked at me, and knew right away that I wouldn't be moving from that spot. HE WENT! He took all the kids AND WENT! Oh, the love I felt for him at that moment is indescribable. An all day outing was not in the cards for them, but 2 or 3 hours of complete and total peace and quiet WAS in the cards for me. It had suddenly become the best gift I was ever given.

The rest of the day AnIowaDad spent tending after all the kiddos. He prepared lunch and dinner. He changed diapers. He gave baths. He kept them all very quiet. I didn't leave my bed ALL DAY LONG, with the exception of once, to come from my room to the couch in an attempt to eat something. Then I fell right back into bed until Monday morning.

Monday - oh another "pat him on the back and call him a hero" kind of day. His first words to me were, "Do you need me to stay home from work today?" Ah, again, THE LOVE! If I weren't sick, I may have showed him just how much! (Okay, too much information, but this behavior from him is just the sweetest). I told him I thought I could manage and he said he'd check in at lunch and if I need to rest then he would work from home.

I ended up feeling much better, now I'm just battling the sudden onset of a nasty cold. My head feels as though it must weigh 100 pounds, AT LEAST! AnIowaDad did show up for lunch, with McDonalds. This should not be considered falling off the FFA Wagon, as I wasn't the one to splurge ... it was all him! MY MAN! How did I ever get this lucky!

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I came to see your Tackle it Tuesday and read this first. Way to go AnIowaDad! How nice for your hubby to take all the kids out for a day and offer to stay home from work.


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