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Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone ...

Just another day ... a trip to the local Super Mart!

It started out great. I hired a baby-sitter! HA! I'm not kidding. Having someone come watch 3 out of the 4 kids, or even 2 of them, would make my cart pushing hours so much easier. So that is the route I took. My teenage neighbor agreed to come over and sit the 3 oldest, leaving me only with Smilee. Never any trouble due to being securely strapped into the cart, she just rides along, and smiles!

We arrive at Super Target and I feel a slight feeling of having to use the restroom. Not one who EVER goes in public bathrooms, I pushed the thought from my mind and figure because I only have one child, I can fly through the store and be home again before the urge strikes again.

A few minutes later while standing at the dairy case, looking for Pillsbury breadsticks, which no one seems to carry anymore (except WalMart and I stear clear of that place unless absolutely necessary), my body pleads with me to find a restroom ... and fast!

No one knew any different, though I feel as though all eyes are on me, as I struggle with this fact that I am going to be using a public restroom for something other than just a quick squat and run. I whip the cart around and head to the front of the store. All the time, pushing the squeaky wheeled buggy, faster and faster, I'm cussing myself out for not being able to control this sudden dilemma I've found myself in.

As I'm trying to fit a large cart through a small door, a friendly Target employee informs me that no shopping carts are allowed in the restrooms. Great! What am I going to do with Smilee (who had kicked off her shoes in the car on the way there plus there was NO WAY she was going to be on the floor of a public restroom)? This was not happening. A sense of panic waved over me as I realized waiting until I returned home at this point, was definately NOT an option.

In conclusion ... I'll keep it brief and generally detail free. I experienced a "first" yesterday! I went to the bathroom with my child sitting on my lap. It was the one of the most humiliating and embarrassing moments of my life that no one would have even known about ... but I shared it with all of you.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this! Someone please tell me I'm not the only one!

yep, your not alone and your not crazy:) Wonder if that employee ever had children. Way to go with flow and laugh at yourself.:)

(((Hugs))) No, you're definitely not alone!

Although I have not had to sit my DD on my lap while using the public restroom, I have had to use the restroom while shopping, much as you describe. And not once in a shopping excursion, but TWICE. :) My DD has a habit of wanting to check out every public restroom, since she became potty-trained.

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