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To Paint ... Or Not To Paint!

I wake earlier than normal this morning, feeling somewhat refreshed, though I know temperatures are rapidly rising outside and will top record highs by the day's end! Before even rolling over to my "wake up" position, my mind starts whirling and twirling trying to make mental notes about everything I want to accomplish today. An Iowa Dad will be home all day, I can utilize him to get some things done around our house, or to watch kids while I tackle my own "To Do List". I'd have to feel him out and see which way I lean, subliminally preparing him for my ideas and plans while making him think they are his own. A self learned talent I have been mastering over the past almost 9 years of our marriage.

As if he knows I'm laying there awake and planning his own day for him, he rolls to face me. "Feel like painting the girl's room?" I blurt, with a giggle so if he completely spats at my idea I can say I was just joking anyway.

"Not a chance," he growls "It's gonna be like 100 freakin' degrees today!"

"I was just kidding!" I try to sound convincing, as I roll out of bed to brush my teeth. Deciding to drop the "plan making" for today for a few minutes I can't help but wish he'd wanted to paint. We moved into our house almost 7 months ago and the girl's room is still the same as it was when moved in. It's not all that bad ... but it's a bland yellow and there is nothing hanging on the walls (I'm waiting until it's painted).

As I sulk in my own defeat, An Iowa Dad makes his way into the bathroom. "Painting might not be such a bad idea," he starts, "What color were you thinking."

We spent the better portion of the day searching for a border that we both agree on. I saw one at Wally World (7 months ago) and didn't think it was all that bad. Of course, I could find MANY that are cuter, but would have to be ordered. If I have An Iowa Dad ready to paint, we are doing it TODAY! We dragged all 4 kids looking for a border, in the heat I should mention, to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Menards, Sherman Williams, Bed Bath and Beyond, (a stop off at the new Ruby Tuesday's in Cedar Rapids), and then finally to Wal-mart to purchase the border I saw 7 MONTHS AGO! Then, back to Menards for the paint ... An Iowa Dad is VERY choosey about his paint and will only purchase it there.

He is painting! I am waiting. Princess and Smilee are so excited. Here are the before photos:
I'll post photos of the finished prodcut tomorrow!


As an American citizen I thank you, Eric M. Steffeney, for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt.