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Thirteen Reasons I Wish I'd Stayed In Bed This Morning!

This is the first Thursday Thirteen I've participated in ... and mine is THIRTEEN REASONS I WISH I'D STAYED IN BED THIS MORNING!!!!

1. I woke up on the couch, slightly queasy from having 1 (or 2 or 3) more cocktails last night than I probably should have while visiting with the Iowa Neighbors. Oh well ... a little dry toast and a cold shower and I'll be feeling better in no time. I'd feel best if I was still in bed.

2. The girls are up and happy. That will help. I pull out a BRAND NEW shorts outfit for Princess, thinking she'll be thrilled. The hugs and kisses and "Oh Thank You Mommy's!!" never came. Instead, they were replaced with "I don't like those!", "I want to be pretty in a dress!" and "Go Away Mommy!" as she was sprawled across her bedroom floor as if I had laid out a black garbage sack for her to wear. Aaagghh ... wish I was still in bed.

3. After the Princess episode, we make our way downstairs for breakfast, waking the boys on the way. Couldn't have been better, all 4 wanted cereal ... can't get any easier than that!! Whooo Hooooo!!!!!! Oh crap, NO SPOONS! I forgot to start the dishwasher last night before I settled into the couch ... to sleep ... Not a huge deal ... but I HATE washing dishes by hand. Sigh - Wish I was still in bed.

4. Princess, taking PeeNee's lead, decides to pour her own milk into her cereal bowl (while I was WASHING SPOONS BY HAND) and overflowed her bowl leaving a pool (a 5-foot above ground) of milk under her darling Dora dish. Not to worry, with 4 little kids I try to live by the "No use crying over spilt milk." rule ... and just wipe it up with a smile and "It's alright, good try!" attitude. I spin to toss the milk drenched towel into the trash can and as I look back, Princess has the milk turned upside down managing to pour the remaining milk from the jug into her already overflowing bowl. Growl - I wish I was still in bed.

5. As I shooed the kiddos out of the kitchen and on their happy ways ... I catch a wiff of a nasty smell, however, I don't know where it is coming from. I've scrubbed my kitchen, every stinkin' surface, crack and crevice ... well, obviously not, because I can't find it! It's a mystery smell. I can't idenify it. It's still here ... and I wish I was still in bed.

6. Smilee, who doesn't venture too far away from AnIowaMom (at AnIowaMom's request) wants to watch Teletubbies. 'Nuf Said ... I need to be still in bed.

7. Frantic calls are coming from the "powder room." I go running ... finding PeeNee in yet another pool (this time an 11-foot in-ground) of toilet water. A quick lesson and explanation of why you don't keep flushing and flushing and flushing a CLOGGED toilet and then a quick plunge and not so speedy clean up. My powder room, and my stinky kitchen, are now spotless ... but I still wish I was in bed!

8. Finally a break from our 100 degree weather, it's only in the 80's and the boys want to go out and play. Since this was the first opportunity in a week to do so before 7pm at night, I was all for it. My lawn chair that I need to set up in my driveway so I can watch the kiddos is in the back of my "NO CHOICE WITH 4 KIDS" Suburban. As I reach in to press unlock button releasing all the doors so I can open the hatch, the diaper bag catches my eye and a light bulb starts flashing in my head. I grab it and find a sippy cup FROM YESTERDAY sitting snuggly inside. Yesterday was 96 degrees ... no telling how hot it got in the car ... though if a sippy cup could talk, I'm sure it would inform me that it was QUITE HOT! No details needed ... as I cleaned out the cup, I was sure as heck wishing I was still in bed!

9. As we are sitting outdoors, the boys playing baseball in all their glory, I hear a back hoe or something similar. I don't really know, as I'm not an expert in construction type vehicles. Anyway, being the nosey neighbor that I am, I stroll out back to investigate. Yup, there is a big yellow SOMETHING digging up the neighbors yard ... it suddenly occurs to me that with all the "pool" issues we've been having IN our house ... our neighbors were getting a REAL inground pool outside of our house. Jealous is the only word that comes to mind, making me wish ... I were still in bed!

10. A great friend (and neighbor) must have sensed my crazy, minor-issue-filled morning and called to invite Sporty and Peenee to the city pool. YES, a couple hours with just the two girls (and one would be napping), sounded like a little slice of heaven. Maybe the day was looking up. I grabbed the boy's swim trunks, and found 1 beach towel ... the other was in the washer patiently waiting to be tossed into the dryer ... no big deal ... they were only going to get wet anyway and would probably dry in the sun before he needed it. Sunscreen ... "Please step out onto the deck while I spray you." (I LOVE THE EASY CONTINUOUS SPRAY, I think to myself!!) "Wait outside as you dry, they will be here to pick you up any minute!" I run to gather the money they'll need for admission, snacks, etc ... come back to check on them, and there is a puddle on the deck that wasn't there before. "What is that?" I ask. Sporty looks up in the sky and says, "It was the wierdest thing." Like an idiot, I look up, actually pondering the thought of something falling out of the sky causing this big puddle on my deck. Making a long story (only long because of all my yelling and shouting) short ... Sporty urinated on the deck IN HIS SWIMMING TRUNKS only minutes before he was being picked up to swim. This is the kid that has NEVER had an accident. I think he even only had one accident during potty training. He's 8 YEARS OLD ... WTF? Nothing was going to ruin this for me. He was GOING TO THE POOL! I searched in a frenzy for another pair of trunks, found them, tossed them his way ... off they went ... I'm supposed to be enjoying my so called free time with only 2 kids and all along ... I'm wishing I were still in bed.

11. AnIowaDad arrives home 2 hours early from work with a disk. He informs me to sign off the computer and close all programs. It's a Windows One Click Cleaner that he thinks is going to solve all my computer problems. (My laptop, which I can't live without, is a piece of crap. It's hot all the time, the fan runs constantly, I get a blue screen on a regular basis telling me something about a hard disk error ... and I will never buy another DELL again.) He loads the disk and it runs for 2 freakin' hours ... keeping me from all the things I could be accomplishing while the girls are napping and the boys are swimming. Instead, I find myself sitting in a chair watching Dr. Phil ... wishing I was still in bed.

12. Tacos are on the menu for dinner. I love tacos, but I hate the smell they leave behind that lingers in my house for days. Hhhmmmm ... maybe since the temps are down, we can open the windows later ... either way, the odor adheres to everything and can't escape my house for days and I'll be the only one who notices or even cares! I really wish I were still in bed!

13. Smilee wants Teletubbies ... again 'nuf said ... I WANT MY BED!!!!

I'm off to sniff out my kitchen for the Mystery Smell, though I'm sure the taco fumes will disguise it.

Hey, ONE reason I'm glad I DID get up this morning ... I've gotten smiles, hugs, kisses and "I Love You's" from each and every single one of my kids (and AnIowaDad) today ... and that makes it all worth it!

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Cute list, Iowa Mom! Just the teletubbies alone would convince me to stay in bed :)

Iowa's Erma Bombeck. Great list.

Your smile comes through in how you wrote that post, and the fact that you are still smiling after all that is a testament to you as a Mom, wife and person. Good for you!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Congratulations on your fist TT!
Woooooooohoooooooo and Welcome!
Great list...
I guess you had to add running out for more milk to the list...
Cute kids!

My TT is up

Wow-- that's not a fun way to wake up!

Thanks for sharing!

My TT is Up!

I've been through my share of those sippy cups. I think you found your mystery odor, even from out in the suburban!

I've had those kinda days! Thank goodness it's not everyday! Great TT...welcome to the blogroll!

I Loved this list! I have had that day!

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