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A Chore Chart Idea ...

My WFMW idea is a chore chart that works wonders for enabling children to take responsibility for their own chores. This chore chart leaves them no excuse for not doing what is expected of them on a daily basis. :) Sounds good, eh? It is! Tested and Approved By AnIowaMom ... this is a must for any household that is in desperate need of some help from their kids.

This photo is a little small and hard to see, click on it for a better view. Instructions to make the chart are below:

We use this chore chart with the following rules and expectations:

- We place the chart outside their bedroom door, in plan site as a reminder each morning to start their chores!

- The kids can go step by step through their "row", moving their photo under each chore as they accomplish it. Because the expected chores are laid out for them in an organized manner, they should not have to be told to do each one. They just follow the chart.

- Once the row of chores is completed their photo should be under the star. Mom and/or Dad check each night to see if they made it to their star. If so, stars are marked on the fridge dry erase board. The children's pictures are then placed back at the beginning of the row so they are ready to start over in the morning.

- At the end of the week, on Saturday mornings (which is when we do our shopping), if the child has accumulated at least 5 stars, they earn their allowance (in our case it is $2.50, we encourage them to place at least 50% in their banks, but it is their choice, afterall, they earned the money.) If they don't earn 5 stars, they don't have to start over, their stars carry over, but they can't earn their allowance until the next Saturday. (This is a hard lesson to learn when one child earns theirs stars and they other one doesn't ... it really gives them incentive to do their chores.)

- Some of the chores we have are rotated each week. For example, one week child #1 may set the dinner table, while child #2 clears it. The next week, the chores are switched having child #2 set the dinner table and #1 clear it.

Instructions for making the board ... refer to the photo as a guide.

1. Starting with a large piece of foam poster board, which you can find at any arts and crafts store, as well as Target, Walmart, etc ...

2. Draw out the graph leaving a space for each of the chores you need to include PLUS your star at the end.

3. Attach a velcro dot to each of the squares in all rows. Saving the match to each one for later.

4. Create your "chore" squares and laminate them. TIP: If you don't have a laminater, you can use clear shelving contact paper found at Walmart, Target, etc ...

5. Create your squares with your child's (children) photo on it and laminate.

6. Attach the "match" to the velcro dots you used above and adhere to the back of each chore square and photo square.

7. Decorate board as you desire.

8. Place your chore and photo squares onto the board as you see fit. Having the velcro backs allows you to change and rearrange the chores as you deem necessary.

9. Watch your kids beam with pride as they complete their chores without having to be told over and over again, teaching them responsibility and providing them with a very important role in your family.

Very cute! Anything that makes kids become more responsible is awesome in my book!

Thanks for visiting me today - I enjoyed poking around your site - so funny! I love the girls' room - it turned out precious. You inspire me. I have some serious painting to do around here!

Excellent idea!!

I love it! I'm going to try it with my kids. My house constantly looks like Toys R Us came over and exploded. We need some serious lessons in responsibility, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for commenting! :)

Hello IowaMom - I'm also an Iowa mom. Even the same age! I'll get you on my bloglines to keep track of what's going on over at your site. Glad I ran into you today through Rock In My Dryer.

What a great idea. I really like the fact the kids can "move" through their responsibilities. Thanks for the idea. I can't wait to make my own.

Looks efficient but cute!

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