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I Don't Care ...

Geez, am I a bitch? Or just tired and worn out? Or an unappreciated MOM, and I know it? Whatever it is ... I'm pissy and I don't care.

We just returned from our 3rd vacation this summer and I have the energy to do absolutely NOTHING of what needs to be done around here. Okay, back up, maybe it's not your typical "vacation" ... we only did ONE of those this summer. To Montana in June/July for 2 weeks, full of site-seeing, hotel pools, and postcards. This was a 5 day trip to Indianapolis to visit family. AnIowaDad's family. 7 hours there ... one quick Pizza Hut Buffet stop for lunch in the middle (McDonald's in a hurry on the way home). I was in a great mood going, while we were there, and coming home ... but now that my ass is planted back in my favorite chair, I'm just plain old TIRED!

I see laundry in my laundry room, spilling into my kitchen and I don't care. I see suitcases semi-full of clothes begging to be returned to their homes, placed nicely into drawers ... I don't care. I see a fridge full of Tupperware containers filled with fuzzy leftovers from before we left needing to be cleaned out. Not to mention only 1 gallon of milk perched on a shelf screaming out for more ... I just don't care. I really don't. I honestly don't care.

As I type, Sporty is roaming the neighborhood, God knows where. He has his watch and was told to be home by 5:45. It's 5:40 ... think he'll make it? I don't really care. PeeNee is whining and crying in the basement (and I can actually hear him, which makes it worse) because I won't let him go back outside. He's been out since 10am and I just don't want to sit outside and watch him go back and forth on the sidewalk anymore, fighting with his best friend over which PowerWheels which one drives. I just don't. If I hear, "Fine, then I'm not your best friend anymore!" ONE MORE TIME, I'll literally come unglued. And I do mean it, though I don't really care! Princess is being wonderful, for once, and is laying in the middle of the living room watching Sesame Street quietly. Yeah, let me think she is the only one not causing me craziness ... I'm sure she's peeing in her underwear, leaving me a nice mess to clean up. At this point, I don't care. Smilee is, well let's say, not so "smiley" ... she has a death grip on my leg, screaming her head off, for what, I just can't imagine. She's been changed, fed, has a cup of milk on the table ... so let her cry, I don't care. AnIowaDad is mowing ... completely unaware of anything going on in this house. Once he's done ... he'll come in and dinner will be made and on the table. He'll think I'm "Wonder Mom" and he couldn't be luckier to have me. HA! I don't care.

Why do some days turn out like this? I wish knew. But I don't. And I don't care. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sporty managed to make it home (on time) and Princess has dry underwear. Things may actually be looking up! Hmmph!


As an American citizen I thank you, Eric M. Steffeney, for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt.