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Life With Princess

Princess and the Potty!

As princess prances around the yard in her "pretty skirt", because she refuses to take it off ... she runs frantically to the grass and goes potty. Mind you, not only was she going in our front yard, she didn't even bother to pull her underwear down. In total shock over the whole situation I scream, "Princess, you pottied in your underwear!!". To which she replies calmly, "No Mommy, I pottied in the grass."

Now, this actually happened yesterday, not today. As I wrote this, I read it to my husband as Princess sat at the counter coloring and Sporty doing his homework. Sporty says, "Did that really happen?" Again, Princess replies in a VERY calm tone, "Yes [Sporty], I did it on a purpose." Keep in mind, she is two years old. What am I in for? I grabbed the camera to take a picture to add to this post!


As an American citizen I thank you, Eric M. Steffeney, for your courage and your sacrifice. I thank your family for all they have given for the cause of freedom. I will remember you, and I will teach my children to remember you. We are forever in your debt.