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Tackle It Tuesday #1 - The Boys Closet!

This is my first Tackle It Tuesday!!

Oh my, the boys closet is so embarrassing (and the girls too for that matter).

We moved into our house about 8 months ago and while we were unpacking (a week before Christmas) a lot of things were just shoved into the kids' closets ... with the thought that I'd get right to it after the New Year. The kid's closets are still packed full of crap and they are completely (or for the most part) unusable.

My goal is to attack each closet one at a time and get all the things residing in there, whether it be in bags, boxes or just thrown admidst, put away where it belongs!! Today ... it will be the boys!

In addition to this, I will be going through a lot of the clothes that no longer fit. It's amazing how fast 5 and 8 year olds grow (not to mention 1 and 2 year olds). There are clothes that have never even been worn. I am thinking of trying my hand at Ebay ... but I'm not sure. Anyone have any advice, tips or comments on Ebay selling?

Here are the before photos ... be sure to make a note to check back later for the "tackled" photos! I plan to get started just as soon as Smilee goes down for a nap later this morning!

The top of the closet:

The bottom of the closet:

Wish me luck ... I'm goin' in!

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Looks like you have your work cut out for you today. Good luck and happy Tuesday!

Hope it goes well! I have to do my youngest son's about once a year, though two or three times would be better. Between his growing out of clothes and stuffing things in there for a quick room clean-up, it rarely looks good!

Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday!!!

Soo I see you got a Jeff Gordon fan huh? He's a boy after my own heart! :) He's my guy too!

Hope you had good luck and did not get to "dirty" in there!!

moving is so tough!! good luck - i hope your tackling went well today :)

SO glad to have you join us for tackle it tuesday - it is so great to have you:)

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