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House of Fairies!

Last night, Sporty excitedly tucked his 6th lost tooth under his pillow. Checking it twice to make sure it was secure and would not accidentally fall out of reach before the Tooth Fairy could retrieve it, he settled in with a smile.

First thing this morning, AnIowaDad and I were talking through the door that separates our bathroom from our bedroom. We were briefly discussing our plans for the day ahead. He emerged from the bathroom wrapped in his favorite fluffy green towel, just as Sporty bounced into the room with 2 dollar bills waving high above his head. "She came!" he exclaimed, "The tooth fairy came!"

"That's funny," AnIowaDad chuckled as he opened an empty top dresser drawer, "The underwear fairy did not!"

An obvious jab at my lacking capability to keep up with the laundry. I would like to retract everything I said yesterday!

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It is so exciting for kids sometimes when they lose a tooth because of the "tooth fairy"...my almost 6 year old keeps asking me when she will lose her first tooth! LOL

BTW...I think this is my first time to your blog...feel free to stop by my blog and say hello as well! :)

Just found your blog and to check it out as a fellow Iowan. Looking forward to reading more.

We've had mornings where hubby and I were talking and our son came up and said, "The tooth fairy didn't leave me anything! WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

We look at each other in complete horror...and grab a few bucks and quickly run into his bedroom. "Yes she did! The money fell down here on the floor."

Yeah, I've had to learn to make the quick recovery.

There's a pretty big difference between the tooth fairy and the underwear fairy! My girls got so excited about it that I did, too. I always gave them a small envelope to put the tooth in and they wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, on the envelope. Like you, I saved everything from their childhood and I still have every single envelope (with the tooth inside). They get a kick out of reading the sweet notes they wrote explaining how they'd been so good they should get a whole dollar!

I'm sorry it took me a while to stop by here. The response to the name game was so much bigger than I ever expected, I've been chasing my own tail trying to respond to everyone who linked. Finally got caught up but they're still coming in. Thank you so much for visiting A Chelsea Morning.

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